Production Optimization O&G Conference

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Production Optimization Oil & Gas Conference Brochure

    The world has stepped in an era where easy oil extraction is no longer a viable option due to several factors, from environmental aspects, complexities in oil and gas operations to risks of undesirable chemicals development that cause scale and corrosion.

    These challenges put high pressure on the oil and gas industry especially with the rising global demand for oil and gas and the increasingly strict environmental regulations towards oil and gas production.

    In light of this, the Production Optimization Oil and Gas Conference will take place on 19 – 20 JUNE 2023 in Kuwait. A gathering of production optimization experts, oil and gas production leaders, scientists, and technology pioneers who will explore new realm of possibilities that will transform the basic conception of oil and gas extraction and welcome a data-driven approach in achieving production optimization.


    SNF is a French chemical company that has been working in the Oil & Gas industry for several decades and is the world leader in the end-to-end execution of polymer Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR) projects. SNF is currently executing around 300 Polymer/ASP EOR projects worldwide, including Kuwait and the Middle East. SNF projects are supported by the technical workforce of 7500 employees and the dedicated state-of-the-art R&D Centre for Chemical EOR.

    SNF is associated with all major state-owned/private Oil companies and universities in recommending a reservoir-specific customized solution for EOR Projects. As an optimization of water flooding, SNF has executed many Polymer flood & Alkali Surfactant Polymer (ASP) projects to maximize the oil recovery of assets facing oil production decline and increasing water cuts. SNF has also successfully applied EOR technology on less matured fields to accelerate oil production with cleaner and faster oil in compliance with new environmental requirements.