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Why Production Optimization O&G Conference 2023?

The world has stepped in an era where easy oil extraction is no longer a viable option due to several factors, from environmental aspects, complexities in oil and gas operations to risks of undesirable chemicals development that cause scale and corrosion. These challenges put high pressure on the oil and gas industry especially with the rising global demand for oil and gas and the increasingly strict environmental regulations towards oil and gas production. With so much at stake, the oil and gas industry has prioritized the need to utilize innovation, advanced technologies, and techniques to increase the production optimization of oil in the most efficient and cost-effective methods.

State-owned KPC announced its intention to increase oil production capacity to 4.75 million barrels per day by 2040. The country’s vision for production capacity has made it necessary to invest in solutions that will aid production optimization and avoid supply shortages in the future. State of the art techniques and industry 4.0 technologies, such as automation, big data, cloud computing, digital twin and IIoT are crucial to rejuvenate and revitalize Kuwait aging oil fields. To meet the demand of the era, Kuwait is embracing the challenge of digitalization. This pivotal objective requires research and implementation of global best practices to enhance production optimization of well facilities and reservoirs.

The Production Optimization Oil and Gas Conference will take place on 6 – 7 November 2023 in Kuwait. A gathering of production optimization experts, oil and gas production leaders, scientists, and technology pioneers who will explore new realm of possibilities that will transform the basic conception of oil and gas extraction and welcome a data-driven approach in achieving production optimization. The Conference includes a pre-conference technical workshop on the 18th of June, which will bring forth best practices and latest discoveries, insights, and unravel versatile solutions that will achieve optimal production procedures and operations.




to position itself as a prominent oil and gas stakeholder in MENA by 2040

$500 billion

investment in oil and gas development by the state-owned Kuwait Petroleum Corporation to drive production by 2040

4.75 million

barrel per day to be produced by 2040 in Kuwait

$7 billion

Lower Fars Project as heavy oil development program in North Kuwait

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Explore the latest emerging technologies

AI, digital twin, automation, ML, IIoT, are only a few of the technologies that will be explored at the conference to assist your organization in its digital transformation journey. Hear from leading companies who have adopted these technologies and learn from their insights.

Get access to top insights and solutions for today's challenges

Learn how technical production challenges are studied and tackled by top oil and gas leaders and identify how you can reflect and customize the solutions for your organization’s requirements.

Apply best practices and lessons gained in production optimization as it develops

Industry expert speakers will bring forth innovations and case studies on how to extract oil and gas in the most effective and efficient manner. Insights gathered through years of experience will unravel the opportunities you have to minimize risks of failure and reduce costs.

Expand your network and enhance your communication

Indulge in exclusive conversations with top-performing oil field leaders and production optimization heads and get a closer look at how they work to achieve optimum production rates while considering safety, environment, and operational excellence.


Jose Rodriguez

Global Services Operations Manager


Hemant Kumar

Regional Technical Manager


Kingsley Chidiebere Chime

Head of Business Improvement & Digital transformation


Fayez Issa

Well Integrity

Operation Excellence Division,ADNOC

ElFadl Zaki Ibrahim

Digital Transformation, Operational Excellence and Strategy Senior Advisor


Eng. Helal al Dhanhani

Reservoir Development Manager


Dr. Dalia Salim Abdullah

Technology Manager

Technical Center (SS and Data Management), ADNOC Onshore

Dr. Khalil Zeidani

Senior Specialist
Reservoir Engineer

Heavy Oil Development (NK) Group
Kuwait Oil Company, Kuwait

Shamma AlShehhi

Production Optimization
Team Leader


Dr. Hanan Farhat Founder

Senior Research Director of the First National Corrosion Center in Qatar

Qatar Environment & Energy Research Institute, Qatar 

Hani Al-Awadi

Senior Engineer Electrical Maintenance

Operations Group (Heavy Oil)
Kuwait Oil Company (KOC)

Saleh Aljabri

Senior Engineer Process

Operations Group (Heavy Oil)
Kuwait Oil Company (KOC)

Talal Aleidan

Senior Engineer Process

Operations Group (Heavy Oil)
Kuwait Oil Company (KOC)

Manal Al Beshr

Team Leader

Discipline Engineering & Technology

Haitham Al-Balushi

Senior Production Chemist



Pre-Conference Workshop
Workshop | 5 November 2023
Day 1
Monday 6 November 2023
Day 2
Tuesday 7 November 2023

Data-Driven Production Optimization in Oil and Gas


Global oil demand has made it necessary to develop new techniques and technologies to optimize production. Big data and data analytics provide a pivotal transformation for the oil and gas industry, by capturing real-time data and analyzing patterns to optimize immediate decision-making process. Leveraging on the utilization of real-time data allows organizations and leaders to improve production uptime, reduce cost, enhance production quality and quantity, and achieve operational excellence.
The aim of this workshop is to equip professional candidates with the necessary tools, skills and knowledge that will help them utilize data and analytics to improve their performance. The workshop will delve into the following (but not limited to) aspects:
  • Digital oilfields and Integrated Production Optimization (IPO)
  • The underlying infrastructure of data integration, analytics, workflow, and orchestration
  • Real time production monitoring and predictive data analytics
  • Utilization of artificial intelligence and machine learning in production process
  • Digital twin, automated work processes and data visualization
  • Hybrid modelling of data-driven algorithms and physics model
  • Data-driven decision making
  • Acquire the fundamentals and the successors of data-driven production optimization applications
  • Recognize opportunities and assessing risks of implementing data-driven technologies in the organization
  • How to create excellent production optimization strategies based on examined data and assessed oilfield parameters
  • How to integrate of data-driven solutions in the organization to optimize production
  • Gain and develop proficiency in the utilization of advanced data analytics and predictive data
  • Identify how to optimize well completion, monitoring and performance using real-time systems

Registration, refreshments, and networking

Opening remarks by Great Minds Group

Welcome address and opening remarks by the conference chairman

Strategic Approach for Industry 4.0 Implementation in Upstream Oil and Gas

  • Addressing the current market demand to achieve the oil and gas production targets of the region
  • Prospering in an uncertain supply and demand dynamics and avoiding supply shortages
  • Adopting industry 4.0 technologies; artificial intelligence, data analytics, and digital solutions to accelerate and achieve optimal production rates
  • Achieving production cost efficiency without compromising on the climate change protective schemes

Keynote presentation

  • Digitalizing oilfields and analyzing strategic and financial return of investment
  • Utilizing industry 4.0 technologies to improve design, enhance reliability and efficiency
  • Applying predictive maintenance to predict failures and mitigate risks accordingly
  • Reducing production costs by 10% to 20% through constant improvement of processes and effective use of automation
  • ElFadl Zaki Ibrahim, Digital Transformation, Operational Excellence and Strategy Senior Advisor, ADNOC, UAE
This session will highlight the latest technologies in production optimization. The session consists of 10-minute presentations from experts in the industry who will provide insights and case studies on the successful applications of innovative solutions.
  • Industry insight 1
  • Industry insight 2

Networking coffee break 

  • Addressing the need for achieving digital maturity in oilfields through leveraging on real-time data and insights
  • Overcoming complex interrelationships of data for an enhanced utilization of visualized and integrated data
  • Optimizing well completion and performance by applying real time production monitoring systems
  • Using computational fluid dynamics (CFD) to enhance multiphase flow
  • Reducing risks of false predictions by analyzing the quantification of uncertainty for precise decision making
  • Eng. Helal al Dhanhani, Reservoir Development Manager, ADNOC, UAE
  • Kingsley Chidiebere Chime, Head of Business Improvement & Digital transformation, PDO, Oman

Reviving Mature and Aging Wells While Keeping Risks Under Control

  • Overview of the increase in demand of EOR deployment due to insufficient discovery of new and large oilfields
  • Exploring the different methods of EOR such as (thermal, gas, chemical, hydrodynamic, combined) and their implications on cost, efficiency, and safety
  • Overcoming concerns of chemical injection to enhance oil recovery in carbonic reservoirs
  • Assessing the economic and technical feasibility of deploying EOR across wells in Kuwait and the region
  • Assessing current methods of disposing produced water such as seepage (unsealed) pits, sealed pits, effluent injection, and recovery injection
  • Reviewing how the Kuwaiti Environmental Laws No. 12 and No. 2 of 2017 drive the urgency of using technologies to better treat produced water and action plan for evaporation pits
  • Exploring the most economical and environmentally compliant solutions for managing produced water
  • Looking at the utilization of the produced water for reinjection of the well and other potential usage
  • Usage and challenges of brine for injection
  • Dr. Dalia Salim Abdullah, Technology Manager, Technical Center (SS and Data Management), ADNOC Onshore, UAE
  • Highlighting the economic impact that scale poses to oilfields from obstruction, damage, and technical issues
  • Understanding chemical compatibility and applications of mixing produced water with seawater to reduce risks of scale
  • Analyzing behavior of chemicals and scale inhibitors to prevent reduced flow rates and enhance operating efficiency
This session will highlight the latest technologies in production optimization. The session consists of 10-minute presentations from experts in the industry who will provide insights and case studies on the successful applications of innovative solutions
    • Industry insight 1
    • Industry insight 2
  • Overcoming the corrosive and harsh environmental conditions to improve asset and infrastructure reliability
  • Examining the root causes of downhole corrosion failures and best practices to maintain well integrity
  • Decreasing casing corrosion in oilfields using special coated tubing
  • Precepting the parameters that affect the selection of corrosion control measurement such as corrosivity, content of Co2 and H2S, temperature, pressure, and amount of produced water
  • Developing eco-friendly corrosion inhibitors to reduce disposal of toxicities in the environment
  • Dr. Hanan Farhat Founder, Senior Research Director of the First National Corrosion Center in Qatar, Qatar Environment & Energy Research Institute, Qatar

Chairman closing remarks

Networking lunch and end of day 1

Registration, refreshments, and networking

Welcome address and opening remarks by the conference chairman

Leveraging the Utilization of Artificial Lifts (AL) for Optimized Production

  • Looking at different types of artificial lifts used in Kuwait and the region
  • Achieving cost efficiency by reducing AL energy consumption
  • Enabling AI-driven artificial lifts to boost well operation and keep production at utmost capacity using analytics, automation, IIoT, and big data
  • Adopting an effective well surveillance system to oversee and maintain records of performance against preset production targets of wells
  • Identifying anomalies in artificial-lifted wells and provide full diagnosis and autonomously-led decisions based on set variables
  • Gaining complete rod control for beam lift wells for enhanced centralization and elimination of rod buckling during compression
  • Mitigating electrical catastrophic failures such as cable, motor, or overloading, and connection failure by increasing the quality of equipment and number of sensors
  • Deploying resources to continuously observe thermodynamics, rocks, and fluids properties to avoid sudden operational failures
  • Reduce mechanical breakdowns by understating the compatibility of materials and reducing chances of breakages, corrosion (pitting and anodic-cathodic), dislocation and leakage
This session will highlight the latest technologies in production optimization. The session consists of 10-minute presentations from experts in the industry who will provide insights and case studies on the successful applications of innovative solutions
  • Industry insight 1
  • Industry insight 2
  • Align organization’s vision of achieving safety and health goals with production targets
  • Eliminating risk of incidents in fields and enhancing safety by adopting incident investigation systems and identifying failure-prone equipment
  • Enhancing incident reporting and disaster response to speed processes and reduce risks in real-time
  • Embracing an intelligent, automated, and scalable data-driven platform to optimize the integration of processes by mirroring internal operations
  • Selecting gas lift well candidate based of the studying of gas content in reservoir fluids against pressure rate of the inflow/outflow using Nodal analysis
  • Understanding the necessity of downhole evaluation to review tubing, casing, and mandrel eccentricity
  • Providing steady gas capacity by ensuring high reliable compressors and dehydrators without fluid buildup
  • Achieving optimum gas lift injection rate that prevents friction pressure drop using PID (proportional, integral, and derivative) control structure

Networking coffee break 

Dissecting and Overcoming Heavy Oilfield Challenges to Achieve Seamless
Oil Production and Recovery

  • Looking at the density of heavy oil and exploring the means of steam injection to stimulate oil flow and lower its viscosity
  • 930 wells in a space of 45 sq km oilfield all in action-further insights on steam distribution and oil collection
  • Two-stage water separation procedure prior to pumping oil into the central processing facility CPF and inspecting the quality and quantity of the treated water
  • Control facilities with 24/7 field monitoring and effective operation surveillance capabilities
  • Best practices and strategies taken to minimize risks and maintain health and safety throughout all processes and operations
  • Applying production optimization technologies that save cost and energy to tackle the 40% energy ratio required to produce one barrel of heavy oil
  • Sustaining steam generation efficiency throughout production timeline
  • Adopting a vast range of customized chemical treatment solutions throughout each stage of production to reduce oil viscosity during lifting and processing
  • Enhancing reservoir management and recovery and avoiding unnecessary shutdowns by integrating technologies and systems that rectify production obstacles
This session will highlight the latest technologies in production optimization. The session consists of 10-minute presentations from experts in the industry who will provide insights and case studies on the successful applications of innovative solutions
  • Industry insight 1
  • Industry insight 2
  • Managing sand production by improving perforation phasing and enhancing prediction of sand production and its specifications
  • Optimizing Cold Heavy Oil Production with Sand (CHOPS) to increase overall productivity
  • Understanding factors affecting sand production such as rock strength, pore pressure and depletion, and perforation size and orientation
  • Addressing the extensivity of engineering and analysis needed to determine type of simulation, chemical system, pressure, and fluid injection rate required
  • Maintaining well flow through fractured formation of the well
  • Providing equipment that withstand extreme pressures during hydraulic fracturing
  • Acidizing uses, precautions, and challenges in controlling pressure and injection rates

Chairman closing remarks

Networking lunch and end of conference

Speaking Opportunities

Are you interested in speaking or would like to refer a speaker?

Call for Abstracts

The conference committee invites you to share your technical innovations and accomplishments by submitting a paper proposal for consideration. Abstracts are invited on the subjects related to the theme of the conference and should be submitted using our online submission form through this website. Abstracts should clearly state the subject matter, the objectives and the important conclusions to be presented in the full paper and should not exceed 500 words.


The abstract must include the title of the paper, the author’s name(s), designation/job title, organization name, email addresses and contact details. Selection of papers will consider the originality, relevance, and likely interest to participants. Guidelines for the submission of manuscripts for review and the preparation of the final draft will be communicated upon the acceptance of the abstract by the technical committee.


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